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We want to maintain a fair and open internet. We want to protect the internet’s ease of use and low barrier to entry for businesses of all sizes. We mean to continue the growth and development of communication and business that has helped so many people and has the promise for many more.


Sales Tax

No one likes to pay taxes. However, sales taxes were created to help communities develop the infrastructure, support and establish stability and growth to build business and create more sales.

If current plans continue and Congress decides to add sales tax to the internet, it should be done as sales tax was created to do. We should be allowed to send these funds we are responsible for collecting, to our communities. Our right to determine how the money we raise in taxes is used is a fundamental right of all Americans.

Whether someone visits your store on Main Street or your company’s web site, they have come to you because you created the environment and the opportunity that brought them. They have a choice as to where they buy, but only after your businesses and hard work have created that choice,


Who are we?

TheInternetSalesTaxSolution.com is a band of internet entrepreneurs who have spent years developing internet services and businesses. We are retailers, developers, eBayers, Amazon dealers, professionals and, at one time, first timers who believe the internet is too valuable to be legislated into a maze of multi-jurisdictional reporting because of a simple confusion. We see the promise of taking an idea and creating it without barriers and we want everyone to know that freedom.


If you feel the same, please join us. Send us your ideas, questions, thoughts and support. Our mission is to bring this to the hands and minds of everyone who wants to keep the internet as open as possible and help them influence our fellow citizens. This is no small task, but the internet is no small matter.

Questions, thoughts and more, please email us at Info@TheInternetSalesTaxSolution.com

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