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Mainstreet Fairness Act:

Marketplace Fairness Act:

Tax Exempt Status:

This is a preferential status given a company or organization by their State to waive any applicable sales tax on items used in the production of their product. It does not exclude items used by the company or organization if they are not a part of the finished product. IE: paint to paint a product such as a wheelbarrow would be exempt while the hand soap used by employees would not be.

We suggest that each state honor a tax exempt certificate from another state in much the same way as each state honors another state’s citizen’s driver’s license. As long as it is current and accepted by the issuing state, it should be honored.


Tax-free holidays:

These are periods where an issuing state may decide to lower or dismiss State sales tax for a brief period. Under TheInternetSalesTaxSolution, these holidays could easily be used by the seller just as his brick and mortar counterparts do.


US Sales Tax jurisdictions:

We have been told by TaxFoundation.org that there are over 9,600 tax jurisdictions. Some sources claim these can be as small as a single city block or a building.


Automobile Registration:

This is a major consideration because States charge sales tax at the time of registration whether the item is bought from an out of state dealer (internet or not) or an instate dealer. Since the sales tax in this instance is part of the support the state supplies to keep the car on the road, we believe this should be an approved exception to our sales tax proposal.


We have Never done it this way before!

Sure you have. Every time you took a trip and bought something, you paid sales tax in that store’s jurisdiction. This is no different and it is more rational than the system currently proposed. This is how sales tax was always supposed to work. We have just forgotten its purpose.


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