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The Internet is under attack. While this may not be an assault created by malice, it will have a malicious result. In order for the internet to remain viable, we all must work to see that poorly designed and oppressive measures are not used to strangle the competitive and exciting domain of internet commerce. To do that, we need all of you to help.


You can help by sending us your ideas.

Please email your ideas to . We may not be able to respond to each, but we promise we will read them all.


Please spread the word.

Please give everyone this URL: Please add it to your emails and send it to your friends. If possible, tell your online dealers about us. Spread the word.


Write your Government.

Instead of being a negative, this is a very positive means to help everyone reach their goals. Give this information to your Governor, State Representative, US Senator and US Congressman. Please let them know there is another way to build Internet commerce without overburdening its ability to function.


Write the Media.

Please send your thoughts and this message to all levels of the media. Local TV, radio, as well as national news organizations. This is a grass roots initiative that works for everyone. Please include our URL and the email


Please Donate to the cause.

We need your support to build a strong counter voice to the current entrenched opposition. Some may not see the simple reality of this different view and they may want to continue to pursue a course that obtains their needs while hurting others. The only way we can fight this is to create a counter of reasonable, truthful opposition. We only want what will be fair, but we will need to change a great many minds to get there. Your active participation and economic support is essential.

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